Data Quality Equals Quick & Right Business Decisions

A staggering 40% of organizational initiatives do not achieve its benefits due to poor data quality management tools. This has a significant impact on overall operational efficiency.

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Data Quality Management Tools

Data Quality Management Tools on Azure’s Modern data ecosystem

It is necessary to move away from grappling mode to management mode for making best use of data.

Azure Data Quality Tools
Basecap Data Quality

This tool brings - Identification, Analysis, and Remediation - as a full-fledged platform covering all stages of data quality management and also being fully adaptable to existing environments by automating in a scalable way.

Data Quality Management Tools on Azure

Qualdo offers an end-end fitment summary of data in terms of analytics readiness. With constant additions of metrics to its platform, the data quality management process is kept improved at all times for the users.

Data Quality Services in Azure
Ataccama One DQM

As a made for Azure Tool, Ataccama DQM offers features to discover, analyze, and understand critical statistical patterns in the data, through multi-visualizations.

Informatica Data Quality
Informatica Data Quality 10.4.1

The key-features of tools are in reusability methods and cloud budgets across on-prem and Azure, to reduce upfront infrastructure cost and dynamically scale as needed. Helps in rapidly building a data integration environment to deliver business value ontime.

Azure Data Quality Service
Redpoint Customer Data Platform

An interesting tool in Azure for management customer data in Azure, with capabilities like multi-format compatibility (XML, JSON, HDFS, SAP), de-duplication, contextual matching, merging/puging, and normalization.

Talend Data Quality
Talend Cloud Data Integration

As an IaaS tool, this offers native support for all Azure Data Services and helps data engineers through an intuitive, drag-and-drop UI for data integration activities using Java or native Spark.

Data Quality in Azure Data Lake
Octopai MDM

This tool is available as cloud-based and on-prem, reports vertical and horizontal lineage data, and compatible with data sources even from different vendors.Hugely handy in managing data governance, data catalogs, and data quality.

Data Quality on Azure
Data 360 DQ

With a prime focus on helping business users to extract maximum value out of data, this tool’s automated capabilities cuts across data governance, metadata management, data analytics and data quality.

Data Quality Management Framework

Qualdo is built on the understanding of complexity of user’s data environments

Qualdo as a Data Quality Management Tool, is part of its vision to help users to engage with data and maintain its readiness for insights.

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Qualdo-DRX Data Quality Edition
  • Data Quality Metrics
  • Data Profiling
  • Data Anomalies
  • Data Drifts
  • All KQIs
  • Quality Gates
  • Advanced Visualizations
  • APIs
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Qualdo-MQX Model Monitoring Edition
  • Bulk Add Models to Qualdo
  • Data Drifts
  • Feature & Response Decays
  • Data Quality Metrics
  • Data Anomalies
  • Model Failure Metrics
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Advanced Visualizations
  • APIs
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Enterprise Edition
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  • Installation in your Infrastructure
  • All Data Quality Metrics
  • All ML Monitoring Metrics
  • Custom DB Integrations
  • Custom ML Integrations
  • Custom Notifications
  • Custom Visualizations
  • APIs
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Qualdo helps you to monitor mission-critical ML & data issues, errors, and quality in your favorite modern database management tools.