Monitor Data Quality
for Data Stewards

We are a leader in Data Quality & ML Model for enterprises adopting a multi-cloud, ML and modern data management ecosystem.

Data Quality Management
ML Monitoring on Azure

Algorithms to track Data Anomalies in
Azure, GCP & AWS databases

Measure and monitor data issues from all your cloud database management tools and data silos, using a single, centralized tool.

ML Model Monitoring & Data Quality Management Tools
Data Quality Assessment

Data Quality & ML Model Monitoring Tools & Metrics for all Stakeholders

Quality is in the eye of the beholder. Data issues have different implications depending on where you sit in the enterprise. Qualdo is a pioneer in organizing all data quality management issues through the lens of multiple enterprise stakeholders, presenting a unified view in a consumable format.

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Data Engineer | Data Quality Management Tool

For Data Engineers

Continuously identify data issues during ingestion or in upstream pipeline monitoring tools. Try Qualdo-DRX for Monitoring Data Reliability

Data Steward | ML Model Performance Monitoring

For Data Stewards

Easily comply with regulations by reporting continuously updated/maintained data quality measures.

Data Scientists | Monitor ML Model Performance

For Data Scientists

Keep an eagle eye on data drifts in your input datasets and output ML model predictions. Try Qualdo-MQX for ML Model Performance Monitoring.

DataOps | ML Monitoring Tools

For DevOps and DataOps

Effortlessly compare data consistency across different environments and databases.

Eliminate High-stake Data issues in Minutes!

Deploy powerful auto-resolution algorithms to track and isolate critical data issues. Take advantage of robust reports and alerts to manage your enterprise regulatory compliance.

Data Quality on Azure

Quick & Easy Setup Get Started in 30 seconds

With a few simple clicks, enterprises can automatically detect feature drifts, model decays and other machine learning model monitoring metrics. Sign-up and schedule a demo today to discover all the modern data quality possibilities.

Modern Data Management Sources
Configure all your Modern Data Management Sources

Choose your cloud. Choose your data sources. Get rolling!

Data Quality Assessment Metrics
Plan to Consume Data Quality Assessment Metrics, Errors & Recommendations!

Automatic measurements and detection of issues makes Qualdo simple to consume.

Visualize and Monitor ML Models
Start to Visualize and Monitor

Relevant visualizations prompt your teams to take quick action.

Point and Click to Process
Data, Feature and Model Decays

Data scientists can confidently deploy ML models and leave Qualdo to monitor the drifts, shifts and decays.

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Qualdo is a product of Saturam Inc, an advanced data engineering company with innovative products for the modern data ecosystem.

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Proprietary Data Quality & ML Model Monitoring on Azure, AWS and Google CloudTry Qualdo Today!

Please feel free to schedule a demo for data quality assessment with us or try Qualdo now using one of the team editions below.

Data Quality Edition
  • Data Quality Metrics
  • Data Profiling
  • Data Anomalies
  • Data Drifts
  • All KQIs
  • Quality Gates
  • Advanced Visualizations
  • APIs
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Model Monitoring Edition
  • Bulk Add Models to Qualdo
  • Data Drifts
  • Feature & Response Decays
  • Data Quality Metrics
  • Data Anomalies
  • Model Failure Metrics
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Advanced Visualizations
  • APIs
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Enterprise Edition
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  • Installation in your Infrastructure
  • All Data Quality Metrics
  • All ML Monitoring Metrics
  • Custom DB Integrations
  • Custom ML Integrations
  • Custom Notifications
  • Custom Visualizations
  • APIs
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Data Quality Management

Enable Dataops to Purge Stale & Corrupt Data

Prevent your data lake from becoming a data swamp. Identify new from old, used from unused, and corrupt from correct. Equip your team with our tools and services, to prevent issues from occurring in the future, along both spatial and time dimensions.

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Qualdo helps you to monitor mission-critical data quality issues, ML model errors and data reliability in your favorite modern database management tools.